Pedoman Media Siber

As journalists, we have a responsibility to serve the public by providing accurate, fair, and impartial information. We take our role in society seriously and commit ourselves to the following principles:

  1. Truth and Accuracy: We will strive to ensure that all information presented is truthful, accurate, and thoroughly researched. We will clearly distinguish between news and opinion.
  2. Objectivity and Fairness: We will present the facts objectively and fairly, without bias or prejudice. We will not intentionally slant stories to favor one side or the other.
  3. Integrity and Transparency: We will conduct ourselves with integrity, avoiding conflicts of interest and disclosing any such conflicts when they arise. We will be transparent about our sources and methods.
  4. Respect and Sensitivity: We will treat all individuals with respect and sensitivity, and will not use offensive language or stereotypes.
  5. Privacy and Consent: We will respect the privacy of individuals and seek their consent before using their personal information or images.
  6. Accountability and Corrections: We will be accountable for our work, and will correct errors promptly and transparently.
  7. Professional Development: We will continue to learn and develop our skills, to ensure that we can meet the highest standards of journalism.

By adhering to these principles, we will maintain the trust and confidence of the public, and uphold the important role of journalism in a democratic society.

Note: This is just an example and ethics codes can vary based on the specific media organization and its values.

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